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Let's build something great together.


What I can do for you


Digital Strategy

There's no off-the-shelf solution to a great online presence.


My collaborative process puts your expertise in the driver's seat. Together, we'll find the right approach to meet your unique goals and needs.



Does your staff need help focusing their marketing efforts?


Give them the training and support they need to prioritize, focus, and start delivering results.


Email Marketing

Start making that email list work for you.

For every $1 brands invest into email marketing they receive an average of $36 in return.* A smart email strategy can help build lasting relationships, tell your story, and drive real results. 


Website Design

When your customers search for you, what do they find?


No matter your organization's size, you deserve a professional website that looks great, feels authentic, and shows the world what you're really about. 


Digital Analytics

Don't settle for reports that drown you in numbers.


My social media, email, and web reports focus on what really matters and provide clear recommendations on what to do next.


Hey! I’m Buffy.

...and I think you deserve a marketing plan as unique as you are.

I believe there's a right way to do marketing. A more human, less invasive way where relationships are built and loyalty is earned.

I've worked in the digital world for over 15 years. From websites to blogs to social media I've done it all, and learned one crucial thing along the way: marketing means nothing if it doesn't reflect the real you.

So I set out to help organizations create digital  strategies that showcase their true selves. No cookie-cutter content, no one-size-fits-all approach - instead, genuine connections, earned loyalty and a better experience for you and your audience.


I believe in working smarter (not harder), that good decisions depend on data, and that every organization—no matter the size—deserves a marketing strategy that actually works.

I also play the ukulele (but I'm rusty).

Buffy Davey

Clients & Partners


What People Are Saying

“From the moment of our first conversation, I was impressed. I realized that she really knew her stuff and would guide me, step-by-step to a finished project that was professional and contemporary. I cannot recommend Buffy highly enough.”

Liz Wolff - Redefine Your Life

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