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Pro-level marketing
You can do
off the side of your desk

Marketing so good
they'll think you outsourced it

Connecting with your audience doesn't have to feel so hard - or take up so much of your time.


I cut my teeth marketing in small businesses and non-profits. Every day felt like starting from scratch, and there were always a million other things I needed to do.

When I moved on to working in agencies and large marketing firms, I couldn't believe how quickly and effectively the 'pros' got things done. My eyes were opened to a world of formulas and best practices that make marketing quick, clear, and actually fun.

I'm on a mission to bring those foundational marketing truths back to the little guys. To give you the tools you need to connect with your audience, grow your business, and do it all in the spare 10 minutes between meetings.


You are capable of being your own best marketer. You just need someone to show you the way.

Learn how to confidently and quickly connect with your audience


1. Schedule a free discovery call

Feeling overworked? Unfocused? Like you're marketing on repeat without results? You're not alone.


Small teams never have enough time or resources to get it all done--but there are ways to do more, more easily. Schedule a free 20-minute call where we can chat about your organization's setup and identify where you need support.

2. We'll create a customized plan

Build up the skills you need to confidently communicate what makes you great in a way that makes your audience listen.

No wishy-washy generalizations here - we'll work collaboratively to develop your own unique messaging, and put a plan in place so you know exactly what to do next.

3. Start building your brand!

Execute the plan and start connecting with people who love what you do!


No matter if you're creating social content, writing emails, or chatting over coffee, you'll know what to say to connect with customers and get results.

Most small teams don't have a dedicated marketer on staff.

...but someone's still trying to do the marketing.


I help small businesses and non-profits develop the tools and skills they need to DIY professional-level marketing in-house.

I can help you...


Streamline your story

What if the problem with your marketing wasn’t which network you were on or even your (lack of) budget? What if the problem was the way you talk about what you do?

Marketing only works with a clear story. One that centers your customers and creates a pathway they can follow to engage with you. Building your "marketing story" does just that: creating seven messages that, used together, provide all the language you'll need to connect with your audience in a way that actually works.


Build a website that converts

Your website is usually the quickest and most impactful way to put your messaging to work. A well-built site features clear messaging, impactful design, and the SEO behind-the-scenes to make sure the right people are finding you


Whether you've got an existing site that needs updating or want to build one from scratch, we can create a site that runs happily in the background, increasing your visibility and driving business while you're focusing on everything else.


Create better content

Is social media eating up most of your marketing time without delivering results? Or maybe you've let your profiles die, exhausted by constantly trying to find something to post. An effective social strategy isn't about trends or boosted posts. It's about leveraging your story so you can stop chasing trends and start building a brand your audience loves.

...and more

I love working on new projects! Is there something holding you back from connecting with your audience? Capacity you need to build so you can share your message more effectively? You aren't in this alone. Get in touch and let's see what we can develop together.

What People Are Saying

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 9.52.40 AM.png

"My time with Buffy was exhilarating. She was prepared with effective methods for getting to the core of what I do and why. It felt like a business therapy session! I came out of it with new confidence in how to talk about what I do."

Kirsty, Kirsty Kash Ceramics


"Our staff absolutely loved working with Buffy. She was engaging and made the entire process fun and entertaining."

Roger Miranda, Evident IT


"Buffy encouraged us to bring our brand into a new era. We felt galvanized and excited to secure our brand, to develop our website, and to put it into action. Not only did we enjoy the process, we learned so much!"

Millie Hildebrand,
Women's Musical Club of Winnipeg

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