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About Me

Hey, I'm Buffy!

...and I think you deserve a marketing plan as unique as you are.

I believe there's a right way to do marketing. A more human, less invasive way where relationships are built and loyalty is earned.

I've worked in the digital world for over 15 years. From websites to blogs to social media I've done it all, and learned one crucial thing along the way: marketing means nothing if it doesn't reflect the real you.

So I set out to help organizations create digital  strategies that showcase their true selves. No cookie-cutter content, no one-size-fits-all approach - instead, genuine connections, earned loyalty and a better experience for you and your audience.


I believe in working smarter (not harder), that good decisions depend on data, and that every organization—no matter the size—deserves a marketing strategy that actually works.

I also play the ukulele (but I'm rusty).

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